Javad Badi-Zadeh

Javad Badi-Zadeh was born in 1901 in Tehran. He was one of the first singers who performed at Radio Iran and with the National Music Society Orchestra, conducted by Rouhollah Khaleghi.

In the 1940s he recorded many of his songs, including Jelve-ye Gol, shekve-ye Del, Bolbol-e Mahbus, and Jana Hezaran Afarin (accompanied by Morteza Mahjoubi). He had a good command of the Persian traditional music and was one of the first singers who wrote the music for his songs. His most famous melody, Shod Khazan, has lyrics by Rahi Moayyeri. Badi-Zadeh also composed several humorous songs, such as Mashin-e Mashti Mamdali, and    Yeki Ye Pul Khorus.

Badi-Zadeh died in Tehran in 1979.