Bijan Taraqi

Bijan Taraqi was born in 1930 in Tehran to a family in which literature played a major role. His father, Mohammad Ali Taraqi, owned a bookstore, Khayyam, which became the gathering place for the literary figures of the time. Among the people who frequented the bookstore were Mohammad Hossein Shahriar, Malekoshoara Bahar, Nima Youshij, Amiri Firouz Kouhi, and Rahi Moayyeri. Among these, Shahriar had the strongest influence on the teenager Bijan, and inspired him to write his first collection of poems, Soroud-e Bargrizan (The Song of Fall). Later, with the encouragement of Amiri Firouz Kouhi, the young poet turned to analyzing and editing the works of Saeb Tabrizi, Kalim Kashani, and Hazin Lahiji. Taraqi’s other poetry collections are Panjare-i be Baq-e Gol (A Window to Garden), Atash-e Karevan (The Fire of Caravan), and Posht-e Divarha-ye Khatere (Behind the Walls of Memories). The last book contains 150 poems as well as his memoirs.

Taraqi began his cooperation with Radio Iran in 1954, and many of the great composers of that time, among them Rouhollah Khaleghi, Parviz Yahaqi, Ali Tajvidi, Homayoun Khorram, and Habibollah Badii, asked him to write lyrics for their compositions. 

Bijan Taraqi lives in Tehran.