Hossein Saba

Hossein Saba was born in Tehran in 1924. He studied the santur with Habib Somai and Abolhassan Saba and piano with Arusak Haqnazarian, Giti Amir-Khosravi, and Tania Kharatian. He graduated from the Tehran Conservatory of Music as a piano major in 1949. His fascination with the scientific aspects of the piano technique of Emanuel Melik-Aslanian took him to Aslanianís studio, and he continued private piano studies with him.

Hossein Saba taught santur and piano at the School of National Music and wrote the first method for this instrument. This book was published in 1956 with a foreword by Rouhollah Khaleghi. When Nasrollah Zarrinpanjeh founded the National Instruments Orchestra at the School of National Music, Saba was offered the position of lead santur soloist. A long battle with an incurable brain tumor brought Sabaís life to an early end. He passed away in 1957, at age 36.