Hossein Sanjari

Hossein Sanjari was a graduate of the Tehran American School. He studied the tar with Darvish Khan and Morteza Neydavoud. Soleiman Khan taught him music notation and the art of playing the piano. Sanjari was one of the first music enthusiasts who joined Alinaqi Vaziriís School of Music,  where he continued to work on his tar technique with his colleagues, Moussa Maroufi and Soleiman Sepanlou. He was a close friend of Rouhollah Khaleghi.

In the first third of the twentieth century, Persian society did not look very favorably on men and women working together in close proximity. Sanjari was a married man with children, but he had discovered a special talent in a young woman by the name of  Batoul Abbassi. In order to be able to train her, he took her on as his second wife. He taught her music theory and notation as well as vocal technique, and his older son, Heshmat, taught her to read and write. When Sanjari felt that Batoul was ready, he presented her to Vaziri,

who was  very impressed with her singing and decided to call her Rouhangiz, on account of her clear and pleasing voice.

There are several recordings of Sanjari and Rouhangiz. The immortal Persian baritone Qolamhossein Banan recorded the Sanjari composition Qam-e Eshq. Sanjari was a member of the Novin Orchestra at Radio Iran, and appeared in all of the performances of this ensemble until 1941. He died in 1942.