Lotfollah Majd


Lotfollah Majd was born in 1917. He had no formal musical training, but as a child he taught himself to play the tar by listening to gramophone records and imitating the sound and the musical effects produced by various musicians. He created a unique style of playing this instrument with great sensitivity and produced a sweet tone.


When Rouhollah Khaleghi founded the National Music Society Orchestra in the 1944, Majd was invited to play the tar in that ensemble.


He was considered a favorite performer in the Golha programs, and composed a few songs for the Golha Orchestra. Rouhollah Khaleghi arranged his work Suz-e Hejran for orchestra. The lyrics were written by Abolhassan Varzi. His most famous composition is Omid-e Del (with lyrics by Moayyed Sabeti.) This work was first performed by Qolamhossein Banan.


He suffered a stroke and died in 1978.