Mohammad Ali Amir-Jahed

Mohammad Ali Amir-Jahed was born in 1896 and educated at the Darolfonoun (Tehran's  Polytechnic School). He worked as a professional journalist for the Persian Parliament.

For twenty-eight years, from 1926 to 1954, he published a newsletter, Salname-ye-Pars. In 1954 he published most of his poems in a book entitled Divan-e Amir-Jahed. It was revised and reissued in 1970.

Amir-Jahed's poems and songs cover political, social, patriotic, romantic, and philosophical subjects. Some of his songs, including Keshvar-e Del, Dar Molk-e Iran, and Aman Ze Hejr-e Rokh-e Yar were recorded by Qamarelmolouk Vaziri, accompanied on the tar by Morteza Neydavoud and Arsalan Dargahi. He also wrote Aman az in Del in memory of Iraj Mirza and Be Gardesh-e-Farvardin in memory of  Darvish Khan.

He served for several years as dean of the night school of the School of  National Music. He died in 1977.