Reza Mahjoubi

Reza Mahjoubi was the older brother of Morteza Mahjoubi. He was born in Tehran in 1898, and had a love for music equal to that of his brother. He received his first music lessons from Hossein Hang-Afarin and Ebrahim Ajang. Because of his lack of interest in learning music theory, Ajang did not continue his lessons. Mahjoubi went on to study the violin with Hossein Khan Esmail-Zade. At that time, anyone who wished to study the violin would study with Hossein Khan, even though he was a master of the kamanche.


Reza Mahjoubi was a hard-working musician, practicing for many long hours in the hope of surpassing his brother Morteza. He founded his own teaching studio in 1926, and

performed in Radio Iran programs and various concerts. He composed many beautiful rengs, pishdaramads and chahar-mezrabs.


Reza Mahjoubi was afflicted with an unfortunate drug addiction and eventually lost his mind. He died in 1954.