Rahi Moayyeri

Mohammad Hassan Rahi Moayyeri was born in 1909 in Tehran. Literature, arts, and music were always present in his home. He became familiar with painting and music as a child, began to write poetry when he was seventeen years old, and chose Rahi as his pen name. Rahi had studied the works of all the great masters of Persian literature, but was especially fond of Saadi, whose influence is readily visible in Rahiís poetry. In addition to qazals, he also wrote some masnavis.

Rahi was a composer as well as a poet. His poetry combines beautiful imagery, eloquence, and delicacy of expression. These qualities and his deep understanding of Persian music made him the poet of choice for all the great composers of his time. Rouhollah Khaleghi and Rahi met in 1941, and from this point on, Rahi wrote the lyrics for most of Khaleghiís compositions as well as those of Morteza Mahjoubi, Ali Tajvidi, Hossein Yahaqqi, Moussa Maroufi, and Javad Maroufi.

Khaleghi said that he was especially impressed with Rahiís ability to fit words to music.

Rahiís poems have been published in Saye-ye Omr (1965), Azadeh (1974), and Javdaneh Rahi (1984). 

Rahi Moayyeri died in1968 and is buried in the Zahireddoleh cemetery in Tehran.